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In-house tool and die

Tasco's in-house tool and die help serves as bridge from new tool builds to general maintenance to totally refurbishing an existing tool. By keeping this service in house we are able to help keep costs down and potential savings are passed along to our customers. A quality built die and proper maintenance can help ensure that the tool lasts for the life of the program and even into potential change-over programs.Stamping Die

  • Tool Design
    • Cad Modeling
    • Engineering
    • Testing
    • Modeling with 2D and 3D Data
  • General Tooling Maintenance
    • Tooling History
    • Tooling Modifications

The types of dies we service and maintain are metal stamping progressive, single hit, multiple station hand transfer, blanking, drawing, coining, forming, compounding and transfer dies. Contact us for more information


Metal Stamping

Our stamping capabilities range from 60 tons to 400 tons. We specialize in small to medium size stampings produced with progressive complete or tandem off line tools. Tasco works primarily with low carbon and HSLA steel but we do have the capability to produce parts with stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. We produce a variety of parts including deep drawn stampings and those with in-die clinch nuts or in-die tapping.

Tasco uses steel that ranges in thickness from .015 (fifteen thousands of an inch or 28 gauge steel) to .375 or 3/8's of an inch thick steel (000 gauge).   

Prog Die








  •  Stamping Dies
    • Progressive
      • With In-Die Clinch Nuts
      • With In-Die Tapping
    • Transfer
    • Blanking
      • Offline or Secondary Dies
      • Coining and Forming
      • Hand Transfer
        • With In-Die Clinch Nuts
        • With In-Die Tapping
      • Drawing or Deep Drawn Dies
      • Compound Dies




Tasco offers a value added welding service that saves money on your stampings by keeping them in one place. If your stamping needs weld nuts or studs added to them or even an assembly welding 2 or more components together is a value added service that can overall reduce the cost per part of your stamping needs.

70 Weld 19 Weld








20 Weld64 Weld 











ISO, EDI and IMDS Information

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • EDI Van information available upon request (VAN Hosting by GXS - Opentext)
  • IMDS - www.mdsystem.com Tasco's company ID is 34074
  • Barcoding - AIAG Complaint - 2D compatible software
  • Engineering Software
    • Transmagic - Translator software (translates CATIA to IGES, STP or PRT)
    • Solid Edge for 2D and 3D modeling
    • Forming Suite for Blank Development
    • Inventor pro to read older files