Tasco has highlighted a few of the resources that we utilize.  


Download a copy of our ISO certification here

Tasco as maintained a continuous certification since 1998 starting with QS9000. It has been our goal to keep a certified quality system in place to help ensure our customer's of our continual commitment to excellence and open communication



IMDS Reporting (ID # 34074)

IMDS (International Material Data Systems) is requested by virtually every automotive manufacturer today. Tasco fulfills each request generally at PPAP or during any material or design changes that occur once production has started. 

Tasco can be found on the IMDS website ( with ID number 34074. IMDS requests can be submitted through the website or requested from the contact us page.




Conflict Mineral Reporting

Tasco is compliant with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502 Conflict Minerals Rule.

We can be found on the IPCMP website (iPoint Conflict Mineral Platform). Our company ID is 3799 or search for Tasco Thompson and Sons Crestline Ohio and we also use CDXSystems for conflict mineral reporting - our id is 3802

We have done our due diligent in reporting and confirming that our material suppliers are not sourcing minerals from conflict nations.

Please send EICC requests through iPCMP, CDX or email them to us stating the scope of your request.  




Barcode Labeling


Tasco complies with the AIAG Barcode Standard using the B-10 methodology for code 39 (3of9) ANSI MH10.8.1 standard per our trading partners individual guidelines. We also comply with the B14 two dimensional symbols (2D) standard using either Maxicode or PDF417 (as shown above).



Electronic Data Interchange

If your business prefers the secure dedicated platform of document exchange through the EDI network Tasco is setup and ready to become a trading partner with you. 



Tasco also uses PLEX or Plex-Online with several customers as well for purchase orders, barcodes, ASN's and quality reporting.