Various automotive stampings

Tasco produces a wide range of various automotive stampings and value added sub-assemblies to tier 1 suppliers of the automotive industry. The stampings and value added sub-assemblies can be found throughout the vehicles ranging from door pull handles to brackets that help stabilize map lamp assemblies to sun roof support assemblies. As well as brackets that help support dashboards and trunk mounts. Tasco's products can be found throughout millions of vehicles found on the roads today.

Floor Lugs          Brkt       39

Automotive stampings and sub-assemblies

Value added sub-assemblies are a great why for you to save money on assembled stampings, whether it is by adding a weld nut or stud or even going as far a completely assembled seat pan Tasco's goal is to save you money on your end product. By allowing Tasco to do your sub-assemblies it allows you to maintain your focus on the larger main assemblies and keeping them on budget.

65 Welded           Armrest Lid


Seatpan            Brkts