TASCO Thompson & Sons Company est. 1973

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Key Points

Privately Owned and Operated

Tasco has been privately owned and operated since 1973 which allows us to maintain competitive pricing.

Fred Thompson Sr.

The late Fred Thompson Sr. began Tasco to fill the need for quality metal stampings. We continue to uphold his legacy by maintaining his core beliefs and standards. 

Industry Ebbs and Flows

By maintaining our core values and being privately owned, Tasco has weathered the ups and downs of the volatile metal stamping market.



Tasco & The Metal Stampings Market


     Tasco is a family-owned business that has been producing quality metal stampings and sub-assemblies since 1973. Tasco is a Tier 2 and 3 supplier to the automtive industry as well as the pump, lawn and garden, and heavy vehicle industries. Tasco is a contract only metal stamping supplier. We are competitively priced in both straight stampings and sub-assemblies.

We understand that there are only three things that customers really want and that is a quality product, on-time delivery, and a reasonable price. We deliver all three.

Here are a few noteworthy details about Tasco, we have presses that range in tonnage from 400 tons down to 60 tons with bed sizes from 132 inches long and down to 24 inches long. We have servo feeders that can handle a range in size and thickness from 42 inches wide and up to .280 thousands thick down to 3 inches wide to .015 thousands thick which means we can run a very wide assortment of jobs through our machinery.

We maintain an in-house tool and die so we do not need to outsource general maintenance or minor repairs. This allows us to keep costs down and our machines producing quality parts for many years to come.